Dr. Pussums ImPURRFection Packs


Price : $20.00

SALE ImPURRfections


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Our cutting, sewing, stuffing, printing, or fabric choice mistakes are your TREAT!

Still WICKED GOOD for your cat’s pleasure and good health, just not purr-fect enough to pass feline inspection!*

Catnip Pillows, Assorted Colors and Sizes: CURRENTLY a mixed combination of Regular & Small Logo Catnip Pillows, Toss About Mini Catnip Pillows, Kick Nip Catnip Kickers & Soft Square Catnip Pillows, Our Choice

Retail value minimum $25  for ONLY $20!!!!!

CATch them while they last!

*These are seconds and not eligible for return or exchange


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Weight 6.5 oz