National Poison Awareness Week March 21-28th: CAT POISON

March 21st, 2021

If you think your cat has been poisoned, contact your local emergency veterinarian as soon as possible.  We all LOVE our cats, the last thing we want is for them to poisoned inadvertently or worse, die from being exposed to something we could have prevented. AVOID the very expensive veterinary care that could make them well again by avoiding the following: (not a complete list consult your veterinarian with all health-related pet questions) Lily plants ( ALL) onions garlic grapes


Supporting our Veterans

January 22nd, 2021

We are humbled and pleased to announce our partnership with EVERY day in our country 22 TWENTY-TWO end  their own lives.  We owe them our gratitude and support to help them find the peace they so selflessly protect. Operation Reboot Outdoors assists veterans, law enforcement and active service members “reboot” through experiences in nature including hunting and fishing in our beautiful state of MAINE. For every Patriotic Party Pack purchased, The Pussums Cat Company will donate $7.75 to Operation


Happy New Year! Inventory Closure Dates

December 30th, 2020

This is the face all of our staff makes when we realize it is time for annual inventory! BLEH The office will be closed for retail sales and all business from Friday, January 1st through Tuesday, January 5th so that we can complete our annual inventory.  Retail and Office hours will resume Wednesday, January 6th at 9 am.  Any order received after 3 pm on December 31st will ship no later than January 6th. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 HAS to



December 14th, 2020

Come say MEOW beginning Tuesday, December 15 at 293 Auburn Rd Turner! It has been a very long 8 weeks since the tragic accident that destroyed our building on October 12th and forced us to temporarily close our retail space in Turner.  We are so grateful and humbled by your kind words, support, and shift to shopping with us online. As a small business already dealing with a pandemic, this closure during our busiest time of year has been very


PHASE 2 of Back to Business Begins

November 5th, 2020

FINALLY! When we arrived at the shop yesterday, the sheetrock fairies had been there to start PHASE 2 of BACK to BUSINESS! This time of year here in Maine is VERY busy for the construction industry as they are trying to finish up jobs before the freezing temps and snow take over.  Electricians, sheetrock folks, etc are in very high demand and although this reconstruction job is HUGE for us, it is relatively small compared to projects such as building


Tragic Accident

October 17th, 2020

On the late evening of October 12, 2020, a local woman suffered a medical emergency and her car crashed through two rooms of our building.  It has been reported that she likely passed away before hitting the building and her passengers all made it out safely. Our hearts go out to the family and friends that are grieving her loss. Our cats who live at the shop, Alfie, Angel & Cabo had a guardian angel for sure as they survived


PAYPAL Accepted Online

August 14th, 2020

We Now Accept PayPal as a payment option online only for your convenience as well as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX & Discover and On-Site only Contactless payments through SQUARE as well for your shopping safety.


Healthy Androscoggin: Healthy Pet Series Vol II

July 30th, 2020

Dr. Pussums PURE Catnip Shoppe has partnered with https:/  to help bring awareness to the health impacts of second hand smoke to our furry friends. We all love our pets like family so maybe a little extra knowledge and awareness will encourage someone who is ready, to quit. Please share! “Cats can inhale secondhand smoke, but they can also lick up toxic substances accumulated on their fur when they groom themselves. This licking can result in ingestion of carcinogens and can


Back to School Face Masks

July 26th, 2020

Three NEW Child-Size Styles: Traditional Elastic around the Ears: 2 Layer 100% Cotton 6X4inch, nose piece, and filter pocket $8 LOCAL? We are happy to customize fabric and size for your child to ensure a good fit. Shop open M-F 9-3 & by appointment.   Fully Adjustable with elastic around the head and neck with barrel clips: 2 layer 100% Cotton 6X4 inch, nose piece, and filter pocket $10* *Select the fabric elastic mask for $8 PLUS the $2


Healthy Androscoggin: Healthy Pet Series Vol I

July 16th, 2020

Dr. Pussums PURE Catnip Shoppe has partnered with https:/  to help bring awareness to the health impacts of second hand smoke to our furry friends. We all love our pets like family so maybe a little extra knowledge and awareness will encourage someone who is ready, to quit. Please share! Making your home smoke-free is one of the most important and loving things you can do for your pets! Secondhand smoke is a known cause of cancer and illness in

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  • I love Dr. Pussums because my cats and my dog love them so much! Only toy all three of them will play with! It is very amusing to watch a pup, play with a cat toy! Also the quality and durability is fantastic.

    - Alisha Marie
  • Our older cat won’t touch any catnip that isn’t Dr. Pussums! She’s almost nine and has really slowed her pace, but when she gets a pillow she’s once again a crazy kitten. It’s so much fun to watch.

    - Trishea S
  • My cats LOVE the stuff. I have been a customer for many years, and I love the nightshirts, and the kitty pads!

    - Sharon felton
  • One of my cats had never reacted to catnip and was never a big fan of toys. I was given one of your catnip sacks and he loved it! They have been a constant in my house ever since.

    - Kyrie Sawicki
  • Best catnip ever!! I’d gotten my cats the small bags in the past. I ordered the new Wicked Kick-Ah nips and my cat CJ went bonkers over it! I swear I thought I heard him say “I love you” to his tie-dyed kicker.

    - Brenda Barth
  • All of my cats loved them! I would travel almost two hours to get them!

    - Beth Moore
  • My cat is going crazy over these fun catnip filled items. I ordered the Wicked Kick-Ah and the Kick Nip. My cat is 14 years old and is acting like a kitten.

    - Audrey M
  • My cat Chloe was actually chewing the package before I got home. If you love your kitties get them some Dr Pussums and they will love you for it!!

    - Brenda B
  • I still will only buy Dr. Pussum’s catnip for my kitties. I especially love that it’s not only made in America but made in Maine…my home state! I always recommend it to all my cat loving friends because it’s pure catnip – no dangerous fillers.

    - Mary Jo Hinkle
  • I’ve tried all brands of catnip toys, nothing compares to Dr. Pussums. Years ago we were on a trip to Canada and stopped at an artists co-op, they had catnip toys and we wanted to grab a few for the cats. They absolutely loved them, in fact, after 4 years they still enjoy them, periodically I spray catnip oil on them. But nothing has ever compared to Dr. Pussums, well worth the reasonable price. Highly recommended !!! Just ask my cats ❤️

    - Iris C
  • I have purchased cat toys several times from this company. My five cats love them! Out of all the catnip toys I’ve ever bought, the toys from Pussums are their absolute favorite! The toys are filled with catnip and no fillers and come in so many different sizes and colors. I don’t live close enough to visit their retail store but ordering online is easy and shipping is always prompt

    - Suzanne K
  • The sacks keep them busy for a long time! Marinated mice are a favorite for a evening snack! The nickel bag is great for spreading cheer around on the cat scratchers, and trees!

    - Beth M
  • We have more cats than is reasonable or sane. Everyone has their specific likes and dislikes and the only thing they agree on is Dr. Pussums. They can smell it through the bag. 

    - Shanna O
  • My cats love them! They can smell the nip through the box! They act like kids on Christmas morning when a box arrives!

    - Beth M
  • I love Dr. Pussums there is no other! My cat went crazy rolling on the invoice, since I had to hide the box for Christmas.

    - Stephanie Wilking
  • The bags last and last because there is no filler or fluff.

    - Shanna O
  • This is absolutely THE BEST catnip. It’s so strong smelling – and it lasts and lasts! I have given it to friends who have cats and they all said they never saw their cat go so nuts for catnip! Now it’s the only catnip they buy too.  Plus, I love that I’m supporting a small business in Maine run by the nicest people who give back to their community.

    - Tanya D
  • My cats have been loving Dr. Pussums for years! They have the bigger squares and kickers and are often seen cuddling them. The owner takes in elderly cats and loves them like she had them forever. Thank you Dr. Pussums

    - Lisa S
  • I highly recommend Dr. Pussums for your fur family. So much better than the ones you find in the stores.

    - Audrey Murphy
  • Dr. Pussums catnip is the best catnip out there! I have purchased other catnip toys from big-box stores as well as from smaller shops on Etsy and nothing compares. My cat goes absolutely wild for their catnip, so it has been my go-to for the past few years. I was especially thrilled when I found the ‘kicker’ long catnip pillow, as my cat loves to kick. These catnip pillows are made to withstand even the most rambunctious playtime. Not only that, but the packaging and colors they come in are adorable. Love the seasonal items!

    - Jennifer & Milky Way