Do all cats like catnip?

20% of cats have no genetic response to catnip

Among the 80 % who do react, we break them down into three categories:

A: Kickers & Chasers: they will use two or four paws to feverishly kick the catnip pillow kicker toys and throw them around the room to chase and continue their wild kicking and rolling fun.

B: Lickers & Lovers: They will hold the catnip pillow toys in their paws, rub their face on it, roll on it,  lick it and\or suck on it to get the most catnip flavor until it is a soaking mess!

C: Combination of A & B

Why do cats like catnip?

Catnip is an aromatic herb in the mint family (Nepeta Cataria) The natural oils contained in the leaves and buds are what cats are genetically attracted to.

I just adopted a kitten, can I let her have catnip?

Most cats will not have their love\like relationship with catnip until about six months of age. For any cat who has never tried catnip, it is always best to give them a small amount for a short period of time, then take it away, to see how they will react.

I have dogs, is catnip safe for them?

Many of our cat lovers report they have canine brothers and sisters who love to play with catnip toys and also like to eat it. ( we are not convinced they are not just playing keep-away from their feline housemates, however, some non-cat homes buy our catnip for their dogs)

Is catnip safe for older cats?

You know your cat best and how much stimuli they can handle. Just like young cats or cats who have not experienced catnip, small amounts for short periods of time and then take it away is the best approach.

What if my cat eats the catnip?

Catnip is safe for cats to eat as long as any large pieces or stems are broken up first. Catnip is known to aid digestion in both people and cats (check out catnip tea for people) and helps with hairball production and maintenance.

How should I store my catnip toys?

If not in use, catnip sacks (dry) and loose catnip should be stored in an airtight container to maintain freshness and longevity. Don’t underestimate the curiosity and desire of your kitty with their Dr. Pussums Catnip Toys : the freezer is the only safe hiding place!

Is Dr. Pussums Brand catnip organic?

Dr. Pussums Brand catnip is insecticide and fungicide free. Commercial fertilizers are used to keep the soil, which is analyzed regularly,  healthy. Herbicides designed specifically for herbs in the mint family are used minimally and only when absolutely necessary in early spring.

Why are Dr. Pussums brand catnip toys better than other brands?

Imitations, including some that use certified organic catnip use inorganic fillers.  ALL of our catnip toys contain ONLY 100% of our Fancy Feline Elixir Natural Catnip, never any fillers.  Our catnip is insecticide and fungicide free and has the highest percentage of Nepetalactone content in the oil available at between 78-80%.  Nepetalactone is the substance in the oil of the catnip plant that gives cats the desired pleasure reaction. We use a variety of high quality durable, yet permeable fabrics for all of our catnip toys making them virtually kitty proof.  (We know some felines are so ferocious even our products won’t last forever) Our catnip toys and gifts are of the highest quality; hand made and hand screen printed by skilled MAINE crafters. Finished products are kept airtight and climate-controlled until we ship it directly to you or our independent partner retailers to maintain ultimate freshness. Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir Catnip toys and gifts are “Wicked GOOD for your cat’s pleasure and good health”. Let your cat be the test! We are confident you won’t find another better catnip toy!


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