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The Pussums Cat Company is a small Maine, family-owned business who provides premium, superior quality,  Dr. Pussums Brand catnip toys and gifts for cat lovers nationwide, using only 100% of the finest quality all-natural catnip, diverse fabrics and unique graphics, all handsewn with great care by skilled Maine stitchers to please even the most finicky felines and their families.

The inspiration for Dr. Pussums brand dates back 38 years to 1982, when the original owner’s cat, Mr. Pussums, was mistakenly introduced as Dr. Pussums. The rest is history! The Shaw family took over the operations of The Pussums Cat Company in 2010 and continue to expand the business to fulfill customer demands for Dr. Pussums premium catnip toys and gifts.

Our business model allows people who want or need to work from home the opportunity for meaningful work at their own pace, ensuring only the highest quality, hand made catnip toys and gifts for cat lovers available.

Dr. Pussums Pure Catnip Shoppe is a Remote Adoption Site for PALS No-Kill Cat Shelter, providing a safe and loving home for hospice kitties until they are adopted or live out their natural lives.

Dr. Pussums Pure Catnip Shoppe is a Community Based Job Training Program Site for our local Leavitt Area High School Life Skills students, providing valuable work skills while building confidence and independence for young adults with learning disabilities.

Dr. Pussums makes premium, 100% natural (insecticide & fungicide FREE) catnip toys and gifts for cat lovers.  Cat lovers want the best for their cats and Dr. Pussums catnip toys are simply the best.  Each catnip toy is filled with 100% pure fresh catnip. There are no fillers. WICKED GOOD for your cat’s pleasure and good health!

Our partner retailers are independent pet stores, veterinary offices & shelters, boutiques and gift shops. You will not find Dr. Pussums at any big box retailer or bulk online suppliers in order to preserve the premium quality and freshness we have promised and delivered for over 38 years.  Your cats deserve the best and safest cat toys and that is Dr. Pussums.

Show your love for your cat by ordering Dr. Pussums catnip toys & gifts today!


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  • My cat is going crazy over these fun catnip filled items. I ordered the Wicked Kick-Ah and the Kick Nip. My cat is 14 years old and is acting like a kitten.

    - Audrey M
  • One of my cats had never reacted to catnip and was never a big fan of toys. I was given one of your catnip sacks and he loved it! They have been a constant in my house ever since.

    - Kyrie Sawicki
  • I highly recommend Dr. Pussums for your fur family. So much better than the ones you find in the stores.

    - Audrey Murphy
  • The bags last and last because there is no filler or fluff.

    - Shanna O
  • My cats LOVE the stuff. I have been a customer for many years, and I love the nightshirts, and the kitty pads!

    - Sharon felton
  • All of my cats loved them! I would travel almost two hours to get them!

    - Beth Moore
  • I love Dr. Pussums because my cats and my dog love them so much! Only toy all three of them will play with! It is very amusing to watch a pup, play with a cat toy! Also the quality and durability is fantastic.

    - Alisha Marie
  • Best catnip ever!! I’d gotten my cats the small bags in the past. I ordered the new Wicked Kick-Ah nips and my cat CJ went bonkers over it! I swear I thought I heard him say “I love you” to his tie-dyed kicker.

    - Brenda Barth
  • I love Dr. Pussums there is no other! My cat went crazy rolling on the invoice, since I had to hide the box for Christmas.

    - Stephanie Wilking
  • My cats love them! They can smell the nip through the box! They act like kids on Christmas morning when a box arrives!

    - Beth M
  • My cat Chloe was actually chewing the package before I got home. If you love your kitties get them some Dr Pussums and they will love you for it!!

    - Brenda B
  • I still will only buy Dr. Pussum’s catnip for my kitties. I especially love that it’s not only made in America but made in Maine…my home state! I always recommend it to all my cat loving friends because it’s pure catnip – no dangerous fillers.

    - Mary Jo Hinkle
  • The sacks keep them busy for a long time! Marinated mice are a favorite for a evening snack! The nickel bag is great for spreading cheer around on the cat scratchers, and trees!

    - Beth M
  • We have more cats than is reasonable or sane. Everyone has their specific likes and dislikes and the only thing they agree on is Dr. Pussums. They can smell it through the bag. 

    - Shanna O