New Mask TieBacks

May 8th, 2020

Based on feedback and increased volume of fabric mask sales, we will be slowly phasing out our sewn fabric tiebacks on our masks and replacing them with adjustable braided cord tiebacks.

The new tie backs slide through the sides of the masks allowing for a better, more snug, custom fit. The switch will also allow us to make and ship them out to you more efficiently!

In order to keep the widest selection of fabrics available to you at this time, we will be sewing masks with new tiebacks as patterns with fabric tiebacks sell out.  In the meantime, if you order more than one mask in different patterns, you may receive either the new braided cord tie backs or the original fabric tiebacks until those are completely sold out in all fabric patterns. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses like ours! Curbside Pick-Up is available