April 18th, 2020

Due to the devastating impacts of COVID-19, many of our partner retailers have had to close or severely limit their ability to provide products to the public. In order to keep our people working and keep the lights on here at Dr. Pussums, we began making 100% fabric masks March 21st for healthcare workers to wear over their N95 masks to extend their use.  We also designed them with a pocket so any individual wearing them could add additional barrier materials to help protect themselves and others.  We use fabric tiebacks, no elastics, to allow for extended wear without injury to ears.  We also pledged to donate 1 mask for every 10 sold. Upon request of healthcare workers, we also created Healthcare Headbands with buttons on the side for holding elastics of surgical masks for healthcare workers suffering from ear injuries due to extended wear.

Important Sizing Option: if too long for your face size and shape, fold the bottom up and away from your face as seen here:


In just over three weeks we estimate we have made almost 2000 fabric masks! So far donated masks and headbands have been sent to Elmhurst Hospital NYC, Brigham & Women’s Hospital  Boston, Maine Medical Center Portland, The Lamp Memory Care Center, and Russel Park Rehabilitation Center Lewiston Maine, Clover Living Center Auburn Maine, Bangor Visiting Nurses, Bangor Maine, and many other smaller organizations or individual healthcare workers.  We have far surpassed our goal of donating 1 for every 10 sold and we will continue to do so. Many of our customers have purchased masks to be donated to these organizations or to other hospitals of their choice as well.

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE CATACULAR! Thank you all so much for your support of us and healthcare workers.

We remain open for shipping and curbside pick-up only for our WICKED GOOD Dr. Pussums 100% Catnip Toys and we will continue to sew masks and headbands as long as there is a need and until we can arrive at our new normal.  We want to be your catnip company when this is over.  THANK YOU ALL for helping us help others and keeping our lights on!