A purrrrrrfect gift for your feline friends, Dr. Pussums’s catnip toys delight cats from coast to coast. Located in the foothills of western Maine, The Pussums Cat Company is celebrating 35 YEARS of making catnip toys and related products! The Pussums Cat Company was founded in 1982 when one of the original owner's cats, Mr. Pussums, was accidentally introduced as Dr. Pussums!  That moment was the inspiration to create the highly successful range of products centered on Dr. Pussums’s Fancy Feline Elixir Catnip. The attraction to Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir is legendary! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @drpussums for the most up to date Dr. Pussums news!  See our product line….